Daryl BETTER Be Back This Sunday

Oh Sweet Jesus, is anyone worried for this Sunday? The Walking Dead returns to my favorite basic cable network AMC* which is AWESOME but the scary part is that Daryl Dixon, egads, is captured in Woodbury . . . by Brandi Svenning’s father his brother Merle no less!

Yes please.

Yes please.

The idea of actor Norman Reedus of not being on my screen every week is terrifying. They already took away sexy (and evil) Shane, so who I will lust after if Daryl leaves too? RICK? As in the lovesick dude from Love Actually who worshiped his best friend’s wife (played by an 18-year-old Keira Knightley)? No thanks!

Once upon a time I thought this sh-- was romantic, now I think it is creepy as f---.

Once upon a time I thought this sh– was romantic, now I think it is creepy as f—.

So please, Gods at AMC, pleas keep Daryl alive! My lady parts will thank you!

*”All My Crushes” featuring Jon Hamm, the Swedish guy from The Killing, and James Badge Dale from the dearly departed Rubicon, which made zero sense but a sexy guy is a sexy guy.

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