Is Sofia Vergara Sad or Self Aware? You Decide!

Don’t get me wrong, I love me some Sofia Vergara. Her modest and demure take on life in the biz is so refreshing in this age of over exposure.

Well she would know.

Oh wait . . . .

Sofia gets it. She’s a hot babe who also happens to be quite funny. Good for her. WORK it all the way to the bank.

She explains how she got her bombshell start in, you got it, People mag:

I grew up in Barranquilla, Colombia, in a very traditional Catholic home . . . My father told me that if I ever did anything artistic, I was going to look like a hooker. I told him, “With these huge boobs that I inherited from your mother, I already look like a hooker!”

What huge boobs? I don't see any huge boobs.

What huge boobs? I don’t see any huge boobs.

While I’m not going to go all on you, let’s be honest–there are some flat-chested hookers out there. Pretty Woman, anyone?

They are looking for cleavage.

They are looking for Julia Roberts’ cleavage.

At any rate, Sofia, um . . . I guess continue your good work? And hopefully you will never have to hook!

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