Are Pudgy Digits the New Wire Hangers?

As we know because I have not stopped talking about it, Sunday night was the most important night in television, the world premiere if Liz & Dick on Lifetime .

BESIDES Tristan & Ryan’s Wedding, of course.

It was an evening of great acting, fabulous quotes (slut on a hot tin roof, anyone?), and me getting really really drunk as the drinking game that I partook in with my friend LJ was that we had to drink every time they were drinking onscreen, which was the entire two hours.

I’d drink if my hair looked that good!

Now, in a movie of genius moments, it’s hard to choose one that defines it. But I’ll go ahead and do it, because I am a pioneer. The scene that will go down in the books for Liz & Dick is when Dick Burton told Lindsay/Liz that she had pudgy digits. Oh, burn! Pudgy digits is now my insult of choice. You want to eat my ice cream? Sure, go ahead, use those pudgy digits to pick up a spoon. You think we should watch Two and a Half Men? Sure, you can switch the channel with those pudgy digits. You get the picture.

It got me thinking of other iconic moments in tv and film that I always reference. Let’s talk about them. But first, I need to hang up my clothes. I better not use any wire hangers!

Wow, putting away my clothes made me so exhausted that I need a drink! But where are my babies???

Okay, found them. It’s like I’m walking on sunshine!


Oh how I love Intervention!


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