Kenya is not Just a Country in Africa, She’s Also a Crazy B—- in Atlanta!

So, my people, who is LOVING the Real Ho’Wives of Atlanta so far this season?

Everybody knows it is the best of the Ho’Wives series!

I mean, who the hell would have thought that Nene would be the most successful one of them all (she IS rich, bitch, so I guess I should not be TOO surprised), that Kim would be knocked up again (gotta ensure that NFL alimony when Kroy finally leaves her), and that we would have no more Sheree!!! I must admit I miss her. Maybe she left the show to focus on her fashion line “She by Sheree”?

I admit that I dropped off a bit last season because it got way too screechy. The trip to South America only highlighted what a terrible person aspiring ho’wife Marlo was, and I am so happy they didn’t invite her back this season. Instead, we have the wonderful Kenya Moore, who was crowned Miss USA in 1993.


Now. Still classy!








The truly scary thing is that I TOTALLY remember watching Kenya win the Miss USA pageant. I even remember reading an article about her in People Magazine afterwards. And thank God for the geeks at Google, I was able to find it! Unfortch, no pics. Booooo.

Anyway, we’ll talk again next week!


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