Of COURSE Valerie Bertinelli Has a Cookbook Called “One Dish at a Time.”

Here is something adorable.

I don’t even LIKE kittens! But damn!

And here is something even MORE adorable.

Valerie Bertinelli!

You are an awful, cruel, heartless human being if you don’t think Valerie Bertinelli is the cutest TV actress ever. From One Day at a Time to I Was a Mail Order Bride, Val has DOMINATED the boob tube over the past forty years.

So you can imagine my super big excitement when my parents came to visit me this past weekend and my mother brought me a little surprise: a set of pots and pans designed by the one and only, you got it, VALERIE BERTINELLI!

The best pasrt, of course, is that the hang tab for the 12″ skillet features a recipe for Sauteed Spinach with Mushrooms and Balsamic Vinegar from her cookbook, you got it, One Dish at a Time. Hopefully it is Jenny Craig approved!

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