My Mom Loved Me Enough to Get Me the Fraggle Rock Books

My mom was pretty cool back in the day. Sure, she didn’t buy me Lunchables or let me drink Capri Suns–we were an Ecto Cooler Family–but she DID order me the Fraggle Rock  Book Series!


Fraggle Rock was in my opinion the coolest place on Earth. As a devout Catholic first- grader, I used to believe that heaven was whatever you dreamed was the perfect world. And I just KNEW upon death that I would float away to Fraggle Rock and become BFFs with Red while the Doozers did all the work for me.

Red was one wild and crazy bitch!

The only flaw with Fraggle Rock was that it was on HBO, which meant that I could only watch it when we visited my grandparents, who luckily were pretty awesome. Now that I finally have HBO in my own home–they don’t even play Fraggle Rock anymore! What’s up with that???


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2 Responses to My Mom Loved Me Enough to Get Me the Fraggle Rock Books

  1. Ken Reid says:

    This commercial and the Sweet Pickles commercial aired endlessly on Nickelodeon and fascinated me (I’ll get to Sweet Pickles in a moment). But on this commercial, if Billy loves the Fraggles so much, why does he turn the TV off after the opening credits? If he just that dumb? and if so, he SHOULD be reading. I also assumed his answer for everything, no matter what question he was asked was, “The Fraggles are really great”

    I never got these books, but I did get Sweet Pickles and the Letter People. Sweet Pickles were not delivered to me in a bus by actual animals. But in the commercial there are two of my favorite kids, a girl who says “Sweet Pickles is GREAT!” in the most wonderfully demented way imaginable (and I still quote that daily) and a kid who says “I think it’s excellent” with all the gravitas of an official political endorsement.

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