Nick Lachey Loves Smelling His Baby Son, While I Enjoy Smelling Nothing!

Confesh: I literally have no sense of smell. I’m what you call an anosmiac, which means I can’t detect odors AT ALL. Sometimes it’s a blessing: farts are just cute little noises, the New York City Subway can be a pleasant transportation experience, and skunks are adorable furry animals who want to hang out with Pepe Le Pew.

Does he smell something bad, or is he just reacting to the tv show The Killing? I wouldn’t know.

So when Nick Lachey brags that he LOVES smelling his son Camden, I’m all, 1) Don’t rub it in and 2) Who gives a flying f—?

He IS cute! Maybe he will date Jessica Simpson’s daughter Maxwell?

I want to like you Nick, but enough of the boring ass press releases! Next time I hear from your publicist I want there to be a sex tape to be involved. Not that I’d watch it or anything.


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