Courtney Stodden Has Not Had Plastic Surgery. In Other News, Santa Claus is Coming Over to my House!

Let’s be honest. I am so deeply ashamed that I call myself a huge fan of the irrepressible Courtney Stodden but I don’t even watch her new show Couples Therapy on VH1. What kind of pop culture ho am I?

She just really enjoys the fall.

That said, I do follow her on twitter because why not, and she tweeted out this gem today:

“Have I ever had plastic surgery? The verdict is in: ”

The link is pretty amazing. The plastic surgeon Dr. Marc Mani, whose office is decked out with framed OK Magazine covers and an article declaring him “Plastic Fantastic,” even seems slightly incredulous when she tells him she’s only 18 (and she did not follow it with “18 years ago”). He’s all, yeah, you don’t have wrinkles on your forehead because you are telling me you are 18, which would be normal. You know his internal dialogue is all, bish is 48 and had some baaaaaad Botox. But I shouldn’t speculate.

I can’t wait till Courtney announces this has been one big joke and that she’s really a 52-year-old circus freak named Amber Lotta Bulshita! Or just has some normal surgery and liposuction procedure in Melbourne, I heard specialists there were a bit better.

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