I Hate to Break This to You, But The Walking Dead is Not Very Realistic

So last night was the season premiere of The Walking Dead and I watched it today. Overall it was pretty good but just a TAD unrealistic. I mean the zombie apocalypse could TOTALLY happen. THAT part I believe.

Not gonna lie. I miss Shane, although he was batsh– crazy. Even with that huge schnoz he was sexy.

However–there are a few things that don’t quite work on the show for me. Let’s discuss.

1) Everybody should be having sex.

Nope, this isn’t a scene from Porky’s. Just Glenn and Maggie wondering what to do since there are like zero people left in the world.

Honestly. If the future of the entire human race depended on you and your very own private parts, I guarantee you’d be using them. Yes, Lori is preggers with either Rick or Shane’s baby–and let’s be honest due to how annoying Carl is let’s hope Shane is the dad–but that was the beginning of the whole ordeal when their future wasn’t so stark. When Glenn and Becky finally banged last season as well as Shane and Andrea, I was all YES AT LAST. And we’re one episode in this season and no sex, though that new chick Michonne looks like she keeps a couple of zombie sex slaves. Woohoo!

2) No one knows the words to the song “The Parting Glass except for drunk Irish men at last call.

This is my idea of a parting glass, not a song sung is a post apocalyptic zombie world.

This is a minor issue but annoying nonetheless. As the group is spending the night in a new home–a prison–Hershel asks his daughter Beth to sing a song. She starts with “The Parting Glass” and then his other daughter Maggie joins in. They are terrible singers but everyone pretends it’s beautiful. I would have been pissed that there was nothing to drink!

3) When you shoot a handgun, there is recoil!

I am an expert marksman.

Okay, I have only shot handguns once in my life–at Gun City USA in Nashville, of course–but damn those babies bite back at you! When Lori of all people was casually aiming her gun at zombies and shooting them, she acted like it was so big deal. No recoil whatsoever. LIAR!

So there you have it. Overall, a great show, so I’ll let these issues slide.

But I do want more sex. Can you imagine if this was on HBO? There’d be a whole new population of people due to all the breeding they’d be doing!

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2 Responses to I Hate to Break This to You, But The Walking Dead is Not Very Realistic

  1. it’s been about 9 months so how can you say no one was having sex? They totally hinted towards Carol and Daryl and then the little shit Carl was hitting on Beth the whole time, so who knows whats going on there…. and the show isn’t about the sex, it is about much more. Also, for your information many people other than drunk Irish people know the lyrics to that song. Another thing,The girls didn’t sound amazing for a reason… because they have been fighting off zombies and being on the run they are tired and have no energy left… and in a world with out any music around, that is beautiful to all of them.

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