Is Jennifer Lopez the Next Elizabeth Taylor?

And PLEASE people, don’t think I’m referring to TALENT.

See, former fly girl Lopez is sporting a giant ring on her left finger, and it’s sprouting rumors that are growing “in living color.” Yes, I know that last part made zero sense, but I’m wild and crazy and out of sight like that.

If you’re going to bang someone young, at least go for someone hot.

But wait, Liz Taylor didn’t either.

As you can tell by the pictures above, I am of course referring to husbands. See, Jennifer is dating dancer Casper “the goofy looking ghost” Smart, and now she’s wearing this ring that he absolutely could never afford, so everyone’s talking. If she marries him, this will be Husband # 4 for the 42-year-old Lopez, following in the heels of Ojani Noa, Cris Judd, and Skeletor Marc Anthony. Elizabeth Taylor, as we know, had seven husbands in her lifetime, but eight actual weddings because she married and divorced Richard Burton twice.

J Lo has about 40 years to catch up with La Liz, so I can’t wait to see what happens! Till then, let’s just remind ourselves what could have been with the original name-joining couple, Bennifer! Don’t be fooled by the rock she got! Ben, who has gotten super bang-worthy with age, you dodged a bullet!




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