Lindsay Lohan Got Arrested??? NEVER!

Wow, just wow. I am speechless for the first time ever in my life. I hope you are sitting down as I deliver this news. LINDSAY LOHAN WAS ARRESTED.

Do you need me to get you smelling salts?

Can she top this mugshot? This is my favorite of hers, and trust me there are MANY to choose from!

Basically, Lindsay was arrested for hitting a guy with her Porshe in the “early morning” today. What is she, a farmer? I love how they say early morning like she was up doing something productive. Nope, home girl was going TO the Dream Downtown in New York City, which is a hotel with a popular nightclub.

Between her and Shaun White, this is NOT a good week for gingers!

Cannot WAIT for her next tweet: “Disney doesn’t have my back. I hate u Amanda Bynes.” Wouldn’t that be rich. A girl can dream!

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