Shaun White is Not One of the Sexiest Olympians of All Time

And it’s NOT because he has red hair!

Going for the Leif Garret look, 30 years too late

I love a ginge as much as anyone, especially because I am one! But I am NOT a fan of people trashing hotels, ever. Not even if you’re Johnny Depp and it is the year 1994 and dating Kate Moss.

Shaun, in addition to being a gold medalist snowboarder, has now entered the gold medal hall of assholery when he got arrested for vandalism and public intoxication in Nashville this past weekend after pulling a fire alarm, breaking a phone, and attacking a guest at the Loews Vanderbilt Hotel. Stars, they’re just like us!

Another bummer for him: his mugshot will NOT be entered in the Arresting Photo Hall of Fame alongside Paris Hilton and my beloved Lindsay Lohan.

This is better than my headshot.

The facial hair is the least of his crimes

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