I Really Want to Win Ben Stein’s Money

The other day I was thinking what heaven would be like. I bet it’s a really fun place with all your favorite things in one central location. You’ve got the Plinko board from The Price is Right, the big wheel from Wheel of Fortune, and the money machine from Grab That Dough.

I hate to say it, but Barbara Thorndyke would have been a better partner than Blanche.

In other words, it would be all my favorite game shows wrapped into one! Can you imagine the prizes you’d win? I’d say I’d died and gone to heaven, but I’d already be there!

At any rate, growing up I was a big nerd and while I did like, say, Family Feud, I also liked the cerebral game shows. For example, I was more of a fan of Make the Grade than Finders Keepers on Nickelodeon because it was like Jeopardy for kids. I even plotted who would be my partner on Double Dare to ensure our participation in the Obstacle course (either my sister’s friend Kevin or Maria, they were both wicked smart). I was always thinking ahead.

What child of the ’80s did NOT dream of winning a Casio keyboard, a metal detector, and a trip to Space Camp, all within 60 seconds???

Then in high school I went through phase where I was nerdy, ironic, and rebellious. Which meant I got good grades, watched Comedy Central, and smoked Parliament Lights. And my favorite show, of course, was Win Ben Stein’s Money featuring the eponymous Ben and his cohost Jimmy Kimmel.

For 5k, guess which one is hosting the Emmys this year?

What budding hipster did not dream of going in the booth against Ben? I always wondered why everyone always chose to go first. I would have gone after Ben, to see what score I needed to beat. But that’s the Square One-watching geek in me.

Unfortunately WBSM went off the air in 2003, so I’ll never get to fulfill my fantasy. Ugh. Maybe they’ll stage a revival? A girl can dream!

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