The People Have Spoken, And You F’ing LOVE Courtney Stodden

So . . . in the sixth month history of the super well respected blog The DVR Files, the two most popular days have been when I posted about natural beauty Courtney Stodden.

I wish I was born with that hair color!!!

Courtney, as we know, is the “18-year-old” married to creepy 52-year-old actor Doug Hutchison, who at one point in his career was on Lost, a show that I never watched because a former roommate who I hated liked it, and that just ruined it for me. He also was obsessed with Arrested Development, which I can’t watch for the same reason. Bastard. But anyway. This is not about me. This is about COURTNEY!

Courtney, as we know, was made for two things is this world: the stripper pole and reality tv. And lucky for you-she might have landed the latter, finally! Who the hell knows or even cares what it will be about. If the below is any indication, it will be AWESOME!

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1 Response to The People Have Spoken, And You F’ing LOVE Courtney Stodden

  1. eryn says:

    i dnt love the b… i just enjoy laughing at her stupidity!!

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