Give Me a Piece of F’ing Cheese Now!

Happy Friday everyone! What are your plans for the weekend? If you have ANY kind of life you will be sitting in front of your tv all day on Saturday watching Bravo because they are running a double dose of AWESOMENESS: back to back marathons of The Rachel Zoe Project and my beloved Real Housewives of Atlanta. They’re even sprinkling a few episodes of Flipping Out in there. Don’t be tardy for THIS party!

Phaedra will tell you that everybody knows that sitting your ass on your couch is the thing to do this Saturday.

While you’re sitting in front of your tv, you’re probably going to get hungry. What should you should eat? A Werther’s Original?

Nahhh. Too small!

How about a Slim Jim?

Noooo. Too big!

I have an idea! How about a hunk of cheese???

Just right!

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1 Response to Give Me a Piece of F’ing Cheese Now!

  1. oakmdd says:

    Hanker for a hunk of cheese?!?!? I learned it by watching you?!? Square One?!?
    I’m beginning to think we were raised in the same household.

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