This Olympian is Muy Caliente!

Confession: I have a weakness for swimmers. Those long, lean, possibly waxed bodies . . . they make me feel like a shark in the water and I want to devour them! Just call me Jaws!

So it should come as no surprise that my second hottest Olympian of all time is also a swimmer. Like Matt Biondi, he competed in the 1992 Olympics, capturing gold in the 100m butterfly. That’s right, I’m talking about Pablo Morales.

Raise your hand if you want to take Liz out on a date!Raise your hand if you want to take Liz out on a date!

Pablo was the ultimate comeback kid, or actually comeback adult. In 1992 he was 27 and the oldest swimmer to win an Olympic medal. Wow, remember when I thought 27 was old? Eeeeek! He had won medals in 1984, failed to qualify in 1988, and surprised everyone in 1992 by winning the 100m butterfly. And he had a sob story, which was part of what made 12-year-old me fall in love with him (don’t judge–my favorite movie was Beaches, home girl liked to cry). His mother Blanca had just died of cancer, so this race was her! Bring out the waterworks! Plus he was Cuban and Catholic and everyone knows that combo makes me weak in the knees.

Today Pablo is still handsome and coaches the swim team at University of Nebraska. He is married with four sons who are unfortunately all too young for me, and as I’m no home wrecker I’ll just have to give up my dream of being Mrs. Morales.

Just call him Dad!

Tune in tomorrow when we visit the land down under to say hello to one of Australia’s hottest Olympians! I’m no xenophobe!

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