Who Is the Hottest Olympian Of All Time?

Okay, it’s Olympics time and while it is cool to see really amazing feats of athleticism, my favorite thing is seeing really good-looking people doing these amazing feats of athleticism, and in very little clothes!

So with than in mind, over the next week I am going to discuss my top choices for the hottest Olympian of all time. And we’re talking Summer Olympics, the winter ones are way too covered. And my “of all time” only goes back to 1992.

And for all my Emmy fans, don’t you fret, I’ll get back on track with my predictions soon.

Matt Biondi

You can rescue me ANYTIME, even if I’m not drowning!

Before there was Michael Phelps, there was Matt Biondi. He was a swimming super star who medaled in the 1984 and 1988 Olympics, but I only took notice of him in 1992 in Barcelona because he was so caliente: he won a couple of golds in relays and one silver in the 50 meter freestyle. And he modeled for Ray-Ban.

I honest to God cut this ad out back in the day.

And he’s still squeal-worthy today at age 46: He’s hot AND he’s a math teacher and swim coach at the Sierra Canyon school in Cali. I am SO jealous of those students.

You can keep me in detention ANY time Mr. Biondi.

Tune in tomorrow when I discuss my second hottest Olympian of all time. Hint: he really takes wing in the pool! Hehe.

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