Que lastima! Sofia Vergara MAY be off the market!

Well here’s bad news for horny boys, horny old men, and horny lesbians everywhere-Sofia Vergara MAY be engaged to politician wannabe and otherwise average looking guy Nick Loeb. Sofia’s Mexican-based rep denies it, but she was seen celebrating her 40th birthday wearing a gigantic ring.

He must have a good personality, or be rich!

Now, normally in these situations we’d be all Mazel tov!, but for some reason I am YAWNING over this potential engagement. I love Sofia so much as Gloria on Modern Family. She’s beautiful but funny and can poke fun of herself. But Sofia as Sofia the real person with a boyfriend annoys me because she and Nick are that classic couple that are always breaking up and getting back together again. “Oh Leeeez,” she’d whine to to me. “Neeeck is a deeesaster. He’s always buying me nice things and sufffocaaaating me! Wah wah wah!” She’d swear that they’re donzo, and then next week she’s back posting pics to Facebook of their trip to San Lucia or wherever rich famous people go (probably not Club Med Turks and Caicos, which is awesome by the way!). And you as the friend are all, “Ugh, enough already!” But then again if Sofia is my friend hopefully she buys me dinner a lot since she’s rich and can afford it. So I’d keep her on retainer.

Anyway, Nick is an aspiring politician in FLORIDA so I say enter at your risk, Sofia, kind of like I tell the swimmers in the movie Jaws.


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