Sookie is Cool with Knocking Boots With Eric

Well, HERE is a surprise. Anna Paquin, the actress who plays Sookie on the deathly serious Civil War drama True Blood is TOTALLY OKAY with doing sex scenes with Alexander Skarsgard.

I may not be your master, Sookie, but I will make you cry out into the bayou for all of eternity.

Even though Anna is married to costar and all around boring vampire Stephen Moyer/Bill Compton–she’s even expecting her first child with him!–she explains that “Everyone is respectful of each other’s boundaries … They’re all very gentlemanly about it.”

Bahhhh, I say. Cast me as a vampire/virgin/slut and I will let Eric Northman bang me every which way to Baton Rouge (sorry Mom!). Respect and gentlemanliness can go right out the door. Just saying.

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