Jimmy Brooks Would Be Sooooo Disappointed in Drake!

A lot of you kids today are fans of rap music. Cool! You might even like the rapper Drake, the Lenny Kravitz of the hip hop world (black dad, Jewish mom, though Kravitz’s are reversed). He has hit tunes including “Best I Ever Had” and “Find Your Love.” Perhaps Drake’s greatest acclaim is banging Rihanna.

I’m tough!

But for us die hard fans, Drake will always be Aubrey Graham, the Canadian actor who played Jimmy Brooks, the good-natured basketball player turned paraplegic who got shot by Rick on Degrassi: The Next Generation.

So happy and innocent!

So you can imagine our utter shock when Drake started a brawl with all around good guy Chris Brown.


Peace-loving Jimmy Brooks would NOT be okay with this. He’d pull Drake aside and be all, yo, fool, what are you doing? We need to be friends with Chris, even though he’s done some questionable things like beat the crap out of a woman! I mean, remember when wheelchair-bound Jimmy was taunted by weaselly Derek on the basketball court? They became friends!

So Drake, I implore you to turn the other cheek and ask your self “What Would Jimmy Brooks Do?” And then go back to Ashley, you two belonged together.

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1 Response to Jimmy Brooks Would Be Sooooo Disappointed in Drake!

  1. Hakuna says:

    All around good guy Chris Brown? LOL how out dated is this?

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