A Very Special Sad Episode

The 1980s were great for many reasons, including fashion plates, Colorforms, and of course Trapper Keepers.

The inspiration for every contestant on Project Runway

The 1980s were also great for their attention to serious issues. Especially the tv shows that featured Very Special Episodes.

There were so many but unfortunately I only have time to address the most iconic very special episode of all time. Yes, I am talking about when Matthew Perry died on Growing Pains.

Before he was Chandler Bing, Matthew Perry starred as Carol’s boyfriend Sandy on Growing Pains for a few episodes. Oh, and he died because he drove drunk. Dumb ass. In this dramatic clip, Carol learns of his passing. We don’t even see Sandy, but hey, at least we know in a few years he will become a gazillionaire from Friends.

And Carol, super annoying Christian Kirk Cameron (remember when he was IT???) can counsel you.

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1 Response to A Very Special Sad Episode

  1. OMG, I completely remember this episode!!!! Now no one actually dies on TV shows. What happened to teaching us kids a lesson? Also, FASHION PLATES. No joke I am going on ebay right now to find some. I loved those!!!

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