Best ending of a tv show, ever?

Okay, I have been so busy sleuthing it up for you because as we know nothing is confidential in The DVR Files. So this is going to be a quickie, just like sex on prom night (not that I would know, I was on the math team.).

Below I’ve posted the Six Feet Under finale, possibly the best and most fitting conclusion to a show, ever. Share your thoughts in the comments. And warning, it’s sort of a spoiler alert if you’ve never watched a show, but the show ended almost seven years ago so it’s on you.

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3 Responses to Best ending of a tv show, ever?

  1. Cleveland G. Oakes Jr. says:

    As series go, Angel, Lost, and for some reason I just want to say the Jeffersons had some of the most satisfying conclusions ever.

    • Among the best, I have to go with Newhart… as quintessential a New England show as one based in Vermont could be, having the whole series tie up at the end as a “dream” has of course been done before and since… but it’s the timing and execution of the final scene when Bob wakes up in bed with Suzanne Plechette (his wife from the first Bob Newhart Show) was inspired…

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