Stop Spoiling Reality Competition Shows, Facebook Friends!

Confession: I once ruined a child’s belief in Santa Claus. Not on purpose, mind you, but I was in high school and my friend’s mom was picking us up from track practice. Her little sister, a fifth grader, sat in the front seat. My friend said, “I want a North Andover corduroy jacket for Christmas.” Lil sister replies, “Don’t worry, Santa is getting it for you!” I burst out laughing because I thought she was kidding. But no . . . she really believed in Santa! She looked at me with tears in her eyes. “You mean there’s no Santa???” I kept on laughing.  

My point is it was a terrible thing what I did, even though it was unintentional. But you know what is even more unforgivable??? Reality competition show spoilers on Facebook. Those people have no souls.

RuPaul is pissed you spoiled her show too!

You know the type. The person who actually has TIME to watch shows live. Their lives are so organized that they don’t even have to DVR anything. And then the second that the finale of Project Runway is over, they’re all, “Can’t Believe Gretchen Won! Booooo!” And I’m all, Boo is right, because we are done as friends.

Facebook tv show spoilers are unconscionable human beings. Just tonight a FB friend of mine who I barely even know congratulated the winner of RuPaul’s Drag Race. As in, he revealed the winner! Granted, I’m two weeks behind, so I would have been okay with a spoiler from last week’s episode. But tonight’s finale? This person is dead to me.

Consider this a PSA: if you link your Twitter account to Facebook, do NOT tweet who won a show. Otherwise I will have to tell you there is no Easter Bunny.

I’m grumpy.

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2 Responses to Stop Spoiling Reality Competition Shows, Facebook Friends!

  1. AH! I hate this!!! I usually catch up on shows a few weeks afterwards. But what is the time line on spoilers? I mean, if I just finished Battlestar Gallactica yesterday, but the show was on in 2008, am I allowed to talk about it? What if someone hasn’t watched it yet?

  2. thedvrfiles says:

    You have permission to talk about it. People who haven’t watched the show yet won’t know what you are talking about so it’s okay!

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