Phew! We Can All Sleep Tonight . . .

Because my bitch Camille is going to be back on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills!

It is so nice to know that while her ex (who shall not be named) is starring in the critically acclaimed Boss on Starz (ha!), home girl is appearing on the much more respected genre we call “reality television” on the very erudite network Bravo.

Now, of only we can get Lisa Wu Hartwell back on the Real Ho’Wives of Atlanta. She’s such an accomplished business woman after all, and she’s going through a messy divorce so she could probably use the work. Fingers crossed!

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2 Responses to Phew! We Can All Sleep Tonight . . .

  1. thedvrfiles says:

    I always knew she’d come around. I never liked Kyle so I was happy for Camille’s redemption in Season 2.

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