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Old Dads are the New Black!

OMG I have SUCH good news to share! Mel Gibson, 61, recently became a father for the ninth time when his girlfriend, Rosalind Ross, 26, gave birth to their son Lars Gerard on Friday, January 20. I would say Mazel … Continue reading

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Prince George is Giving Violet Affleck a Run For Her Money in the Cute Kid Department

Goo goo ga ga! Bloopy bloop bah gah! Koo ka laka mooga! What’s this, you ask? Did Liz lose her capacity for beautiful language? Did she have a stroke? Nope, I have learned a new language. The language of babies. … Continue reading

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Is Halle Berry Giving Birth to a Camel?

I am a very shallow person, so as you can imagine I am SUPER excited about the baby boy Halle Berry is about to pop out because it is going to be GORGEOUS! Except . . . where the hell … Continue reading

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