Give me a Cookie NOW!

Yesterday was Ash Wednesday, which marked the first day of Lent. I’m Catholic so I know this has something to do with Jesus rising from the dead some 40+ days later on Easter. It’s, like, totally important to our faith. So important that they make us give something up for those 40 days. And this year, I gave up sweets.

Exactly how I feel.

Exactly how I feel.

As you know, I love sweets. Especially cupcakes. And cake cakes. And cookies. And candy. And ice cream. And ice milk. And milkshakes. You get the picture.

Except for Mounds. I don't like Mounds.

Except for Mounds. I don’t like Mounds.

One day in and it’s been REALLY hard. Especially since I have 7 Baked By Melissa cupcakes in my fridge. Temptation is NOT fun.

The one bright side, though, is that my favorite cookie EVER is no longer on the market. Yes, I am talking about Magic Middles.

Don't get mad at me for including this picture. It was one of the results for Magic Middles for google image search. For realz.

Don’t get mad at me for including this picture. It was one of the google image results for Magic Middles. For realz!

Magic Middles have been gone from the universe for years, but at least their commercials live on. Thank you youtube.

If someone can find me a contraband box, let’s talk. After Easter, that is.

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