Joe and Sofia are Dating, Maybe

Well, Joe Manganiello got over me not wanting to date him real fast.

Sad face,

So sad.

Last night People Magazine announced that the part Sicilian, part werewolf actor might be dating newly single Sofia Vergara, who recently split from her douche bag fiance Nick Loeb.

Come on, who wouldn't want to smack him?

Come on, who wouldn’t want to smack him?

Joe has had a crush on Sofia for years. He explained to People, pre split:

You’re gonna get me in trouble. I don’t want to be like a home-wrecker. This person is engaged. She’s got the curves, she’s got a beautiful face, beautiful hair, just gorgeous. Naturally beautiful. She’s feisty!

Flash forward a few weeks, and now Joe and Sofia are “hanging out.”

Let’s set this straight. Joe is 37. Sofia turns 42 in two days. Hanging out is what teenagers do. Maybe even pre-teens. Grown ass adults who are this sexy DO NOT HANG OUT. They BANG.

Yes I would.

Despite my disdain for Joe’s hairless, waxed chest, I will admit he’s sexy and yes, I would hit it.

And honestly, I kind of like them together. If Joe can’t date me, he should be with someone almost as cool. Yes I know she’s one of the hottest women on the planet and like a gazillionaire, but I like that she’s older than him and he’s not into some 21-year-old thang. Hopefully it is true love and then they make a modern family full of babies with true blood.

(Yes, I know that last sentence was terrible.)

And here’s a picture of hot Sofia so we can imagine what those babies will look like.

Nice teeth!

Nice teeth!

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