Just Call Me Dowager Countess Liz

Long weekends are the BEST. Besides sleeping, eating, and drinking to excess, I get to watch SO MANY of my shows. It’s such a sense of accomplishment reducing my DVR from 98% to 25%. My carbon footprint is so little!

Don't look so angry, you're still richer than I'll ever be.

Despite her expression, home girl Dowager Countess is PROUD of me.

As you can guess, one of the shows I watched this weekend is my beloved Downton Abbey, the show about rich British people. Branson still looks hot and uncomfortable wherever he goes. Barrow’s devious ways make me giggle but he really does need O’Brien back, and Mary needs to get it on with the new guy. While we’re at it, I want Mrs. Crawley to get together with the doctor. So much sexual tension between those two! Do it Violet! Matthew would want it for you too!

Of course, it’s not all good. Vague spoiler alerts ahead. Poor Anna. What a major DICK that guy was! Ughhhhh.

At any rate, the weirdest thing happened to me after watching Downton Abbey this weekend. I started drinking tea. And not even because I have a cold or because I am out of coffee. No, I craved it! So F—ing WEIRD.

So as I sit down writing this, I am sipping on a mug of Tetley’s with milk and sugar that I got for free at a Downton premiere party (I’m fancy like that!). I am so cultured, just like the Dowager Countess!

See? I'm fancy!

See? I’m fancy! Give me a PIMM’s!

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