Let’s Hope These Two Never Get Together!

In case you were wondering, YES. I have booked my ticket straight to H-E-Double Hockey Sticks because that’s where I’ll be going when God (or Lucifer?) decides my time is up on this Earth.

He looks like fun!

He looks like fun!

This time I’m going to the land down REALLY under because I’m already playing matchmaker with the two most important babies born this year (besides my niece!).

Yup, that means Prince George of Cambridge, aka George Alexander Louis, the little rascal born to Prince Will and wifey Kate Middleton, and North West, spawned from the most humble human beings on Earth, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West.

So subtle, these two.

So subtle, these two.

And by playing matchmaker I mean keeping these two far, far apart.

Sure, both babies are super cute and, oh my God, the cheeks!




Well, at least in the pre-North West days.










And like I said–I know I’m going to Hell because what kind of species makes fun of innocent babies?!?!? Uh, this girl, duh!

But we simply cannot merge the kingdom of the UK with the immeasurable land of Famewhoredom which, unfortunately, North has inherited.

I can, however, get behind George marrying my niece because I’ve always wanted to go to a royal wedding!


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