Happy Columbus Day, and Don’t You Fuhgeddaboudit!

Today marks the 521 year since Italian Christopher Columbus sailed the ocean blue to discover the greatest place on Earth, my bedroom!

I wish!

Fooled you! Mine is way sexier.

Just kidding! He discovered America in 1492. Gosh I’m a trickster.

In the 500+ years, Columbus has emerged a controversial figure, though definitely not a handsome one.


You could at least smile.

He was kind of a dick to Native Americans, his crew might have brought syphilis to the new continent . . . you know, not things you really want to BRAG about.

However, DO NOT tell this to The Sopranos crew. In one of the funniest scenes of the show, they defend his honor.


In the post-Breaking Bad world, it’s easy to take for granted how great this show was. Now I need to rewatch from the beginning. Ugh, what a first world problem!


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