Two’s Company in Suzanne Somers’ Bed!

Suzanne Somers has clearly been using her Thighmaster.



On yesterday’s episode of The Talk, the woman formerly known as Chrissy Snow claimed that she and her husband Alan Hamel bone twice a day.

You go girl!

Somers, 66, was responding to Miley Cyrus’ appearance on Monday’s The Today Show, where the pop starlet and wannabe be harlot stated that people stopped being sexual at age 40.

What a twerk!

Suzanne put Miley in her place. Home girl has been married to Hamel, 77, for 36 years so that means they’ve done it 19,710 since Somers turned 40 on October 16, 1986 (I calculated for Leap Years).

Take that, Miley!

And side note. What the hell is up with Miley sounding like Ivanka Trump? You’re from Nashville not the Upper East Side! Show me that twang!

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