Look How Nice Uncle Jack Looks!

Everyone has a favorite uncle that will buy them treats, take them out for ice cream, and buy them their first Playboy.

I'd say that might be SLIGHTLY too young!

Maybe a little too young.

Jesse on Breaking Bad, however, had a different kind of favorite uncle. Uncle Jack was a good old boy of the neo-Nazi variety who (spoiler alert) didn’t think much of the government–especially the DEA–and could orchestrate the murders of ten murders spread over three prisons within two minutes, and who also had a keen interest in manufacturing meth.


They're hunting down Stevia.

They’re hunting down Stevia.

It’s hard for me to forget that Uncle Jack is just a character on a TV show and not a real person because, hello, Hank. But Michael Bowen, the actor who portrays this wicked villain, actually seems like a nice person!

Looks like a dad going to soccer practice!

Looks like a dad going to soccer practice!

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Bowen explains how tough it was to film the scene out in the desert when he and his gang of aspiring skinheads took down Hank and Gomey. He elaborates that shooting Hank was the hardest thing he had to do:

On the paper I’m looking at it. “OK, OK, it’s pretty hard. It’s going to be what it is.” But on the day, when that was getting close to happening, I was getting very emotional when Dean was talking to Bryan. And Bryan’s saying, ‘Please, please, please’ — he’s pleading for Hank’s life. And Dean knows what’s happening. Just his eyes — the clarity in his eyes. I’m glad the camera wasn’t on me, because my lip was shaking. I was about ready to cry. It really affected me.

Just hearing that quote makes me relive the horrible moment all over again and I want to cry and cry and cry because I love Hank so much. It’s still shocking to me that this is just a
TV show!

But it’s good to know I don’t have to hate Uncle Jack because he’s not real. Plus he died in the finale anyway. PHEW.

Hank-at least you’re close to your minerals at last.

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