Is Heidi Klum’s Daughter Trying to be 11-year-old me?

I’m onto you, Leni Samuel aka Heidi Klum’s daughter. Your mom may be a supermodel, but it’s clearly this girl who you want to be.

Do not use this photo if I die prematurely.

Do not use this photo in my obit if I die prematurely.

Yup, that would be eleven-year-old me showing off my Halloween costume in 1990. What style!

Why do I make such outrageous claims, you ask? WELL, look at what Miss Leni is wearing in this pic.

Nice tights


Guess who wore those in 1990, at age 11???

Exhibit A


This girl again!

Except mine were beautiful white ones, sort of like this . . .

But in a sexier body

Nice legs!

. . . But in a chunkier, permed-hair, loud-mouthed body.

Leni-you clearly are making smart sartorial choices.

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