Things to Do Now That Breaking Bad is Over


Last night was an epic night of TV. Not only was it the series finale of Breaking Bad, I also got to eat Funyuns.


So many vegetables!

In addition, I channeled my inner meth addict.



But now that Breaking Bad is over, what am I going to do? There is a hole in my heart the size of a Los Pollos Hermanos chicken sandwich.

Here are a few activities to distract me . . .

Watch Season 3 of Boardwalk Empire.

Learn how to sew.

Plow through Orange is the New Black and then write Matt McGorry a fan letter.

Remember that Walking Dead was once really good.

Yes please.

Yes please.

Start watching The Wire and get into arguments with myself over whether it is better than Breaking Bad.

Apologize to The Sopranos for it not being the best show of all time anymore.

Never eat Stevia.

Read Walt Whitman poetry while taking a dump.

Hopefully the rest of my Breaking Bad brethren are pulling through this tough time.





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