Roar! A Werewolf Shaved!

Joe Manganiello, werewolf Alcide from True Bloodshaved! And I’m not talking his smooth hairless chest, because he obviously has been waxing that sh– for years.


Go ahead, try to bounce a penny off it.

Nope, Alcide shaved his beard. Wow.

Enter this one into the “And Not a Single F— Was Given” Hall of Fame for September.


I’d still hit it.

Truth be told, I’m way behind on my True Blood viewing this season–I just finished episode two–so I look forward to reminiscing in the old days of bearded Alcide because, ugh, change makes me sad. Maybe he’s just trying to look more like Nordic God Eric Northman?

Dear God.

Yes please!

Hopefully Alcide will grow his facial hair back by True Blood‘s seventh and final season. But what do I know, he might have already died (remember, I’m still watching this season). It’s so hard to keep track of supernatural creatures these days.


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