Cake Boss is Not the Only Reason to go to Hoboken

Disclaimer: I am NOT one of those New York City people to be all anti-Jersey. Please. I live in Queens. Who am I to talk?

Me and this guy.

Me and this guy.

My sister lived there for five years so I spent a lot of time in the Boken. When someone bitches and moans that a guy they just met lives in, say, Hoboken, or worse yet HARRISON, I am the Garden State’s chief defender. “The PATH is clean,” I declare, “And there are lots of bars in Hoboken. Plus in NJ you don’t have to pay a city tax so that means your man can buy more stuff for you!”

I mean, really, what is the problem?

That said, many New Yorkers have an extreme bias to crossing the great Hudson. I yawn at these elitist snobs. “The only people who go to Hoboken are bros and tourists who want to go to see the Cake Boss,” they whine.

Behind every stereotype there is some truth . . . .

Behind every stereotype there is some truth . . . .

Last night, however, another group of people infiltrated the one square mile city that is the birthplace of Frank Sinatra and Sopranos alum Joe Pantoliano. TEENY BOPPERS.

Sounds about right.

Sounds about right.

You see, yesterday at 7:32pm Justin Timberlake tweeted, “Join me & @Target tonight for just one song. Let’s ‘Take Back the Night.’ First 150 get in. See you there!”

The former king of ‘N Sync was filming a commercial for Target at the recently shuttered rock club Maxwell’s. Well, what do you know, within MINUTES thousands of people flocked to the site. I just hope this flood of people was more respectful to the home of Albie and Chris Manzo than the revelers on St. Patrick’s Day.

My Irish brethren always keep it classy.

My Irish brethren always keep it classy.

And if they weren’t, well, just cry me a river.

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