I Want Love, And So Does Robert Downey, Jr.

Me and Robert Downey, Jr. have SO much in common. We are both recovering addicts (him, drugs; me, the tv show Intervention) and we’re both really good-looking.

oh hello

Totally the male version of me.

We also both want love. Well, at least Robert did in 2001. Allow me to explain.

See, back in 2001 Mr. Downey, Jr. was in the throes of his addiction. He went to rehab and his first gig upon completion was for the music video “I Want Love” by Elton John. Directed by Sam Taylor-Wood (whose current piece is 23 years her junior and pretty foxy. But I digress!), the video features Downey walking through an empty mansion while lip-syncing the lyrics to the song. I was so obsessed with this song and video back in the day, and I’ll still play it when I’m feeling lonely and unloved, which is ALL THE TIME! Just kidding! Everyone loves me.


At any rate–Downey found love in his second wife Susan Levin whom he married in 2005, while I still have to cruise bars searching for that special someone. So maybe we don’t have that much in common.

And if anyone wants to that hot piece that Sam is banging, here is another video she directed for REM starring her now husband Aaron Johnson.

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