Celebrity Death Match: KITT or General Lee

So imagine you are granted $3 billion dollars and the only thing you can buy with it are iconic items from 1980s TV shows. Your first purchase, of course, is the house from The Golden Girls.

The furniture from the lanai is included.

The furniture from the lanai is included.

Now that you’ve established a base in Miami, you’ll need a vehicle to bring you from your gorgeous split level to the local watering hole the Rusty Anchor where Dorothy sometimes sings.

But what kind of car shall you buy? Remember–it has to be from a 1980s TV show, which only leaves you with TWO choices.




General Lee

General Lee

KITT, as we know, is Michael Knight’s Pontiac Trans Am from the great show Knight Rider. An acronym for Knight Industries Two Thousand, KITT was a geeky computer stuck in a hot car’s body. Some of the cool features included Turbo Boost, the ability to drive itself, and it could see AND talk. Wow!

General Lee, on the other hand, was bad ass but a little more basic. It was the two door Dodge Charger driven by Bo and Luke Duke on The Dukes of Hazzard. There was no computer, it couldn’t drive itself, but it could FLY.

So what would we buy? I hate to say it, but I’d go with KITT these days as it is a little uncouth to drive a car with the Confederate Flag on it. Breaks my heart to say that!

Heck, we’d still have about 2.9 billion dollars left, so we could also buy the choo choo train set from Silver Spoons. All hope is not lost.

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