What Is It With Hot Cops on My TV?

As an Irish American, it is my sacred duty to like cops. Every Officer Sullivan, Fitzgerald, and Smith (or Sully, Fitzy, and Smitty) could be one of my uncles or cousins or friend on the old block, if I had grown up in a city instead the beautiful suburb of North Andover, MA. This veneration for police officers explains my love for the show Boston’s Finest among others.

Despite my affinity for the men in blue, one show I am NOT watching–yet–is Golden Boy on CBS about a hot guy who becomes the youngest police commissioner of New York City. He’s no Ray Kelly, let me tell you. In fact, he’s not even Irish American. He’s frigging English actor Theo James.

Yes, I would like those lips to seduce me.

Yes, I would like those lips to seduce me.

Honestly–I have to fan myself every time I look at that picture. In the few promos I’ve seen for the show, his accent is so so over the top and thick it’s a bit ridic. Let’s hope that other aspects of him are thick too. Ha! I said it. I’m a BAD Irish Catholic girl. Get me to confession, quick!

Maybe Jon Hamm is his role model. A girl can dream!

Maybe Jon Hamm is his role model. A girl can dream!

I might have to start watching this show because Jesus from True Blood is also in it, and he might need some comforting after what happened to him and Lafayette.

Till then, I’m going to plot some crimes so I can get arrested by a hot cop. Anyone know where the best-looking ones are stationed in New York?


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