Andrea Zuckerman: The Original 40-Year-Old Virgin

So today I was having a great conversation with myself as I am prone to do when I’m home alone. “Liz,” I addressed myself, “You know why Beverly Hills, 90210 is the most unrealistic show of all time?”

“Because Brandon Walsh and Emily Valentine never got married and had a kid together?”

“Well, Liz, that’s one thing. But honestly–of ALL of the people to get knocked up unexpectedly on the show . . . Andrea Zuckerman? COME ON!”

There can only be one Blossom, Zuckerman. Lose the hat!

There can only be one Blossom, Zuckerman. Lose the hat!

I totally agree with myself. Actress Gabrielle Carteris was already about 48 when she was cast as West Beverly Blaze editor and alleged high school student Andrea Zuckerman (well actually 29, but tomayto, tomahto) and they made her out to be just about the saddest sack west of the Mississippi. She wore glasses, she was a virgin, and no boys liked her. I could relate. Upon high school graduation, she passed up a full ride to Yale to attend California University with the gang. Yes, that makes sense. She finally had sex for the first time with a professor (escandalo!) and then ended up getting preggers by bartender/law student Jesse  Vasquez and that’s pretty much when I stopped watching for a few years, because Andrea was having a baby, and everyone knows it’s really hard for a 57-year-old to have an unplanned pregnancy.

Despite the obvious problems with the show, I will always love Beverly Hills, 90210 because David Silver is just so precious to me.

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