Lizzie McGuire Likes Cupcakes!

Here is the 2013’s first nomination for the “And Not a Single F— Was Given” Hall of Fame: Aaron Carter’s ex Hilary Duff went to a bakery in Beverly Hills and ordered a dozen cupcakes!

Battling w/ Lindsay

Remember when she was Lindsay Lohan’s nemesis? Ah, those were the days!

Wow, how exciting! I wonder what kind she chose? Wait–you HAVE this information?

one black and white, one chocolate coconut, one cinnamon sugar, two peanut butter chocolates, one pumpkin, two red velvets, one vanilla milk chocolate, one German chocolate, one triple cinnamon and one chocolate peppermint.

What the hell is the difference between a cinnamon sugar and triple cinnamon? Do they make a double cinnamon? I NEED TO KNOW.

I almost feel bad for famous people. Can they even go to a restaurant without someone posting it to TMZ??? But then I am reminded they are rich and can buy an article of clothing for full price at Banana Republic while I have to wait for it to go on the clearance rack. Bitches.

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2 Responses to Lizzie McGuire Likes Cupcakes!

  1. streamofcaitlinness says:

    I remember Hilary Duff versus Lindsay Lohan days! lol. I also remember seeing the Lizzie McGuire Movie twice in theaters (but hey, I was 11).

  2. thedvrfiles says:

    I saw Jurassic Park and Titanic 3x in the theater so there is no accounting for taste!

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