Did Lance Dope? Oprah Will Tell Us!

Today everyone’s (former) favorite one-nut bicyclist Lance Armstrong’s interview with Oprah will air on CBS News. Apparently he is going to admit to the crazy ass doping scandal that he partook in that stripped him of his record seven Tour de France victories.

Live strong!

Live strong!

Now, don’t get me wrong. This sh–sucks all around. As an elite athlete myself–I’ve run a 4:42 marathon people–it is a huge disappointment (to put it mildly) that someone who overcame so much, someone that was so inspiring to cancer survivors, turned out to be a major fraud.

Truth be told, I still haven’t forgiven Armstrong for dumping Sheryl Crow two weeks before she was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2006. His reason: she wanted to get married and have kids. Ugh, DOUCHE. Years later he explained of the breakup:

We were up against her biological clock – that pressure is what cracked it. Because if somebody wants a child – man, that’s the greatest gift you can give a woman.

Every day is a winding road through Hell when you are dating with a crazy ass egomaniac.

Every day is a winding road through Hell when you are dating a crazy ass egomaniac.

Funny, and I thought the greatest gift you could give a woman is being a good man. Awesome sex would not hurt either.


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