Jodie Foster Has Always Been a Freak!

Last night at the Golden Globes Jodie Foster won some big lifetime award and she gave a rambling speech where apparently she came out as a lesbian. I’m not shocked that she likes the ladies–nobody is–but she made zero sense and I honestly could not tell what the hell she was talking about. Mel Gibson is the father of her kids? She’s not Honey Boo Boo’s mother? Whaaaaa?


Have the lambs stopped screaming?

Now, I still like Jodie and more power to her. She has always been a class act and a great role model for women. I was just a little bit disappointed that she did not talk about her most important role ever: Annabelle in the original Freaky Friday.



Just like Jodie, Annabelle also is prone to giving speeches that may you wonder what the flying f— she is talking about.

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