A Christmas Story Gets an A + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +!

It’s 12 days till Christmas! Yippie skippie! And don’t worry, I won’t sing that motherf—ing song because it is so lame and long, much like a 7-foot cripple’s leg would be.



This means that it is 11 days and change till 8pm Christmas Eve, which means 11 days till my ass will be parked in front of the tv at my parents’ house watching the greatest film of all time for 24 hours straight on TBS. That’s right, I’m talking about A Christmas Story.

I watched A Christmas Story for the first time at Franklin Elementary School in North Andover, Massachusetts when the teachers would pop it in the VCR to shut us up before winter vacation. Oh how I laughed and laughed! There was Flick getting his tongue stuck on a pole (which was very sooth-saying as the actor who played him–Scott Schwartz–later became a porn star), Scut Farkas with his yellow eyes terrorizing the neighborhood kids along with his toadie Grover Dill, and of course a very sexy lamp.



Years later the movie still stands the test of time. In fact I probably love it even more! And in tribute I am going to post my favorite scene.


What’s yours?

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