What I Want for Christmas, Continued: Noteability

Hey kidz–

So Christmas is around the corner and I want presents! How about the game Noteability?

Let's jam!

Let’s jam!

I BEGGED for this game Xmas 1990. There was a mini piano with numbers assigned to each key. You’d pull a card with a song with a bunch of notes/numbers and play it and then your teammate would have to name that tune. It was the Easy-Bake Mini-Wave Oven of instruments!


Anyway, my mom bought Noteability for me, I played it once, then I begged for a REAL piano. They obliged the next year (hello, upper middle class suburbia), I took lessons, and then at my recital I completely butchered “Memory” from Cats so badly that I ran off the stage crying. Today, the piano sits in my parents’ living room, out of tune and unloved.

Memory INDEED!

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2 Responses to What I Want for Christmas, Continued: Noteability

  1. Cleveland Oakes says:

    I’m just saying if Chelsea Handler can get a sitcom about her so called life, why can’t you? 🙂

  2. thedvrfiles says:

    Agreed! Let’s make this happen. : )

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