Press Pause on Your DVR

Hey kidz–

As many of you know it’s been really crazy in New York City this week. I was fortunate enough to be largely unaffected by Hurricane Sandy. My power stayed on, I caught up on all my shows, I was safe and comfortable in my own home. Many other people did not have the same experience, and my thoughts and prayers are with them as they recover from the devastating aftermath of the storm.

Last night, my cable and Internet went out. I whined for about five minutes and then apologized to the world for being so selfish. This is the only (very very minor) inconvenience I have encountered so far. I am currently working from my gym where their wireless is intact.

I’m not sure when my cable and Internet will be back up–hopefully soon–but until then I probably won’t be updating The DVR Files. I know you will survive!

Please keep the city I call home in your thoughts and prayers.




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