Real Ho’wife Kyle Richards Brags About Her Marriage

Hahahahahahahahahaha. Hehehehehehehhehehehe.

That’s me giggling because Kyle Richards, real ho’wife of Bev Hills-and aunt of a sex tape star-had the audacity to brag about her marriage to

He’s hot. Home girl should be worried!

Kyle explains, “If you have cracks in your marriage, don’t do one of these. You have to be really, really solid in order to do a reality show like this. I feel solid.”

Now, it’s not the wish anyone sadness in their love lives. Of course not! I’m not a bitter ho at all! But, Kyle is kind of a snarky bitch, and Ho’Wives of all cities do NOT have a great track record when it comes to marriage! Let’s just look at a few unions that have dissolved over the course of the series:

  • Vicki and Don
  • Adrienne and Paul
  • Taylor and Russell
  • Nene and Gregg
  • The Countess and the Count
  • Camille and Kelsey

And that’s just a few!

So Kyle, keep telling yourself your marriage is solid. Right. Because I’ve seen Mauricio and he’s the Real Hot Husband of Bev Hills.

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