Chicago Fire Has Just Set My Loins on Fire!

Hey all. How are you? Have any plans tonight? I do! Not to brag or anything, but I have a date.  And who is the lucky guy, you ask? Oh, just a bunch of hot firemen from the Windy City.

Maybe their clothes got singed and that’s why they took off their shirts.

Yes, that’s right, I have at date 10pm with my TV! I’m watching the HOOOOOOOTTTT new show Chicago Fire.

Let’s be honest. The show is probably terrible. But who the f— cares. One, it is about firemen who I love more than anything in the world (including Marshmallow Peeps, and I’m a member of the Fan Club). Two, it costars super sexy Eamonn Walker who was the very righteous Kareem Said on everyone’s favorite prison drama Oz.


And third, I was just in Chicago running the marathon and I can confirm that their firemen are indeed sexy. They even had their own booth at the Marathon Expo and you bet your ass that I walked by it 50 times.

All right, need to start getting ready for my date!

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