Oops! Lindsay Lohan Did it Again!

Oh my God! Have you heard of this really awesome up and coming actress Lindsay Lohan? She starred in ONE movie eight years ago called Mean Girls and she is SO fetch and pretty and I just want to get “Fully Loaded” with her, maybe with herbs, maybe with Herbie. Who knows? We’ll have fun either way!

I feel REALLY bad though because Lindsay is ALWAYS getting into trouble! But it’s NEVER her fault. So last night she had yet another adventure with the law. She met some guy named Christian LaBella at a club and invited him back to her hotel room, but he started taking stealth pictures of her with her phone, so she took the phone from him and ran away, but they she returned and they got in a scuffle. She called the police and accused the guy of choking her and then he was cuffed but later all charges were dropped. Sheesh. How’s THAT for a Sunday morning!

Granted, this guy sounds like a douche–he apparently chills with those klassy Kardashians–but Lindsay needs to get her sh– together STAT otherwise she will be starring in Meaner Girls: Lucked Up Raw in Prison and that will NOT have a happy ending I tell you!

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1 Response to Oops! Lindsay Lohan Did it Again!

  1. unknown says:

    you spelled locked in locked up wrong, and also she has stared in other movies alswell, like parent trap….

    -your 12 yr old.

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