It Must be Terrible to be Sofia Vergara’s Son!

Dios mio! There are a lot of unfortunate things that happen in the world, like the careers of Kim Kardashian, LeAnn Rimes, and Kelly Osbourne. But I think one of the WORST things that could happen to you EVER is being Sofia Vergara’s 20-year-old son.

Focus, pervs.

See, Sofia has a 20-year-old son Manolo, not named after the shoe, who is a student at Boston University. He seems like a nice, normal kid . . . who just happens to have the hottest mom on the planet.

They look more like Class Couple than Mother/Son.

Sure, there are bonus things to having a hot, famous, and rich mom such as meeting Ed O’Neill and eating at great restaurants.

Then there are less cool things like your mom tweeting a picture of her ass to the world.

Ass or boobs? You decide!

Oh well, I bet she pays his tuition so it can’t be ALL bad.

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